[linux-fbdev] Re: readl() and friends and eieio on PPC

David A. Gatwood dgatwood at mvista.com
Sun Aug 15 04:36:43 EST 1999

On 14 Aug 1999, Jes Sorensen wrote:

> David> #define eieio() __asm__ volatile("li 0,0: cmpwi 0,0; bne+ 0f;
> David> eieio; 0:" : : : "0")
> Defininf a C function with the name of a PPC specific assembler
> function is pretty stupid. To the best of my knowledge wmb() is the
> generic name for the thing you are looking for.

Keep in mind, I'm talking about MkLinux, _not_ LinuxPPC.  wmb() is a
linux-specific term, as far as I know.  The above is in mach.


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