Trying a Promise Ultra/66 on powerpc

Michel Lanners mlan at
Fri Aug 13 03:30:24 EST 1999

On  10 Aug, this message from Geert Uytterhoeven echoed through cyberspace:
>> One way might be to adjust the base addresses in all the pci_dev
>> structs and then make sure all drivers use the address from the
>> pci_dev struct rather than reading config space themselves.
> Which will make our /proc/ioports look funny.

[mlan at piglet ~]$ cat /proc/ioports
f2000480-f2000487 : ide2
f2000488-f200048f : ide3
f2000490-f20004bf : PDC20262

I don't see why this would be funny.... except if you're used to the
PeeCee definition of IO ports being below 64 k ;-))

In any case, I still find it much better to adjust pci_dev, than to
play with offsets in inb()/outb().

But most important, adjusting struct pci_dev is the only way I see to
support IO space on more than one host bridge.


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