newbee q's? and 2.2 kernels

Paul Mackerras paulus at
Thu Aug 12 15:03:33 EST 1999

Ira K. Weiny <iweiny at> wrote:

> I have been trying to install pauls 2.2.10.  I would eventually like to
> compile my own kernel and modules.  Specifically I am going to try and
> fix the pppd from crashing...  Of course if I can...  ;-)

What's the problem with pppd?  It works fine for me, but maybe that's
just because I'm the ppp maintainer :-).

> What does the and module-info files do in the /boot

ps uses /boot/, and complains if it is for a different
version from the currently running kernel.

> directory?  And where can I get some information on kernels and modules?  As
> with most computer stuff the books I have found are outdated for the 2.2
> kernel.

Have a look in the Documentation directory in the kernel sources.


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