HFS+ support?

Ethan Benson erbenson at alaska.net
Wed Aug 11 10:11:47 EST 1999

On 10/8/99 Brian Kidder wrote:

>I know Apple's new HFS+ (aka HFS Extended) filesystem isn't currently
>supported in 2.2 (and apparently 2.3).  However, I've been able to
>find essentially zero information about HFS+ for Linux other than that.
>Are there current efforts to make this filesystem available?  If so,
>where can I find more information and possibly assist?  If not, what's
>the right way to start such an effort?

I believe that Apple has released some documentation on HFS+, I don't 
know if its enough to write a driver or not.  another possibility 
would be for someone to document HFS+ by using the APSL code that is 
part of Darwin, then someone else could write the driver.  (to avoid 
the risk of infecting GPL code with APSL code.)

>I currently have a PowerBook running linuxppc-1999, and would very
>much like to gain access to the Mac-side of the drive (no, going back
>to HFS isn't the right answer).  I am not that familiar with the
>filesystem guts of linux or the HFS module, but I'm very willing to
>dive in and try.

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Ethan Benson
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