How DOES OF Work? (ie multi-OS woes)

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Hi all,

Here is more documentation on OF specifically, and as related to the PCI
bus in Macintosh systems.

On   4 Aug, this message from Sean James Swallow echoed through cyberspace:
>> I think the general concensus on this issue is the USERS want BootX or
>> something easy while the Developers and "Power Users," if you will, want to
>> have the flexibility of OF.
> I don't know... It just seems plain silly to me, that to install one OS
> you need another. Nothing to do w/ the users.

I completely agree. BootX is a great tool, but I'd like to not be
forced to use it. At this time I am, as OF is not (yet?) able to boot
my G3-upgraded 7600 using quik.

> There is a little bit of info on the apple site about OF:
> technote 1061 -
> technote 1062 -

The links do not work, but you can find the docs in the numeric index.

> technote 1063 -

This one was never written (tn1063 is actually on a different subject),
and later technote 1044 was declared number three in the series. So
look for tn1044 instead.

But most important for OF, there is this article in the TechInfoLibrary
(TIL) about OF on the AN500/700, which includes a very complete listing
of OF commands:

Then, there are these two technotes on Rhapsody:

This one here outlines the differences of the NewWorld ROM vs. previous

Now, we move more towards PCI-related stuff, but with OF-related
subjects as well. Here is a gem:

'Designing PCI Cards and Drivers for Power Macintosh Computers'

If you're interested in PCI bus performance, here is an analysis of the
PCI bus performance under MacOS:

TECHNOTE : Understanding PCI Bus Performance

Hope this helps


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