gdb broken under linuxppc r5 tools

Kevin Buettner kev at
Mon Aug 2 06:24:54 EST 1999

On Aug 1,  9:03pm, Franz Sirl wrote:

> Am Son, 01 Aug 1999 schrieb Kevin B. Hendricks:
> >Hey,
> >
> >Does anyone know what's up with gdb lately?  It used to be quite stable but
> >since I upgraded to the glibc, binutils, egcs, gdb from Linuxppc R5 cd, I
> >can't seem to set any breakpoints in shared libraries (or they show up
> >someplace else at random).  Functions are missing (or don't show up) and if
> >I try to disassemble one function in a shared library, I often get another.
> >
> >I really need a working stable gdb.
> >
> >Has anyone else run into this.  If so, exactly what versions of gdb, glibc,
> >binutils, egcs are stable together, especially when working with shared
> >libraries?
> Well, you've hit one of our weakest points here. AFAIK there's currently nobody
> taking care of gdb on Linux/PPC. In fact we are lucky that Kevin Buettner's old
> patch could be converted to 4.17.x. Unfortunately it's still not integrated
> into gdb's mainline due to copyright issues, so we have to reintegrate the patch
> in every new version :-(.
> So, is someone willing to take care of gdb on Linux/PPC?

Kevin, Franz,,

Earlier this year, Metrowerks and I signed the copyright assignments
required by the FSF.  Beginning August 9, I will be starting work at
Cygnus as a GDB engineer.  One of the things that I'll work on is a
merge of my patches into the current gdb mainline.  It'll be my goal
to get a solid, usable gdb up and running on Linux/PPC again.


Kevin Buettner
kev at

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