Running list of R5 bugs

brad allison jackal at
Mon Aug 2 06:10:47 EST 1999

Is there a running list of bugs introduced with R5?  Like a bug track list
for linuxppc?

Here are three bugs I've come across in R5:

* You can't call second and third mouse buttons mappings using BootX
kernel arguements (adb_buttons=#,#) like you could in R4.

* ksirc core dumps when you start a /query with anyone.

* gimp can no longer save xpms.  Saving to xpm returns this error:
: Segmentation fault caught /usr/lib/gimp/1.0/plug-ins/xpm
(pid:951): [E]xit, [H]alt, show [S]tack trace or [P]roceed:           

Those are the three I found in R5 that were not in R4.  All software was
installed straight off the R5 CD onto a Wallstreet G3 Powerbook.

All these worked fine on the same machine with the R4 installation.


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