Pty problem in RawHide

Kevin Hendrickson hndrcksn at
Tue Apr 27 07:38:03 EST 1999

On Mon, 26 Apr 1999, Takashi Oe wrote:

> On Mon, 26 Apr 1999, Kevin Hendrickson wrote:
> > having ALL services commented out by default (why?) Anyway now I get
> > "telnetd: All network ports in use"! Even when telneting to from
> > the console. Also attempts to run xterm fail with "xterm: no available
> > ptys"! 
> I don't really know the root of the problems you are experiencing, but I 
> have seen something similar when I first tried rawhide.
> Do you have UNIX98 PTY support and devpts filesystem support enabled in
> your kernel?  If so, do you have /dev/pts mounted properly?  My problems
> went away when I added an entry for /dev/pts in /etc/fstab and did "mount
> /dev/pts".  I think Documentation/devices.txt has some infos on it.

Thanks! That was it. I checked Documentation/Changes which had a bit more
info than devices.txt on setting up /etc/fstab and mounted /dev/pts. Works
like a charm.

Now I have to figure out why the keys seem to be screwed up in Gnome. 
When in the console, all is well, but whenever I type in an X app like
xterm, the keys are all screwed up. 


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