Flash drivers and filesystem

Alexander Larsson alex at signum.se
Tue Apr 27 01:28:24 EST 1999

I've noticed a lot of people on this list seem to use the ppc 8xx port in
embedded systems, running from flash memory. There have been some
questions about it.

Therefore i give you:

The Flash drivers include:
 General detection of CFI compliant flash memories. 
 A general interface for flash-drivers
 Specific support for AMD Flash-chips (only tested on Am29LV017B 4x8bib
 Implemented char device over the flash interface which can read & write
  to flash, writing on erase-sector boundaries implies automatic erase,
  ioctls exists to force sector erase and to get information about the

FTL, for flash filesystems:
 FTL layer which implements a 512 byte blockdevice with wear-leveling from
 the flash-device (or parts of it). This is a modified version of the ftl
 code from the pcmcia code (taken with permission). 
 This can be used to place a normal ext2fs fs in flash. For optimum
 performance some modifications to ext2fs whould be done so that it
 frees blocks in the ftl layer that are not used by the fs. 
 Note that there *might* be patent problems using this code in the US.

/ Alex (alex at signum.se)


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