MVME zImage works

David De Ridder s970707 at
Wed Apr 21 00:46:05 EST 1999

On Tue, 20 Apr 1999, Gabriel Paubert wrote:

> > * ``make modules'' fails (because of universe.c -- to be solved soon, I
> >    hope). The modules missing isn't really a problem since almost
> >    everything you need should be in the kernel image.
> solved but you'll need to upgrade to 2.2.6.

 I'm patching the kernel source tree right now.

> > (Gabriel, I have another question : I noticed you updated the .config's
> >  on your site. Are they for 2.2.4 or for 2.2.6 ?)
> They are for 2.2.6, although there are very few differences. Actually make
> oldconfig did not ask any questions when updating the nfsroot config to
> 2.2.6. For the other, the only question is related to tyhe split of the
> Symbios/NCR driver and you should answer N (the new one does not work for
> now). 

 I'd have to say N anyway, since our board has no SCSI controller.

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