MVME zImage works

Gabriel Paubert paubert at
Tue Apr 20 23:57:56 EST 1999

On Tue, 20 Apr 1999, David De Ridder wrote:

> * download Gabriel's MVME patches (both generic and vme), and applied
>   them both to the source tree. (First generic, then vme).
> * download Gabriel's MVME config.nfsroot
> * ``make mrproper''
> * ``make oldconfig'' using the config.nfsroot
> * ``make zImage''. This goes flawless, with the resulting kernel image
>     in arch/ppc/prepboot/zImage
> * ``make modules'' fails (because of universe.c -- to be solved soon, I
>    hope). The modules missing isn't really a problem since almost
>    everything you need should be in the kernel image.

solved but you'll need to upgrade to 2.2.6.

> I've fed this kernel to my TFTP server, rebooted the board, and voila, I
> had my own 2.2.4 kernel, compiled on the board.
> (Gabriel, I have another question : I noticed you updated the .config's
>  on your site. Are they for 2.2.4 or for 2.2.6 ?)

They are for 2.2.6, although there are very few differences. Actually make
oldconfig did not ask any questions when updating the nfsroot config to
2.2.6. For the other, the only question is related to tyhe split of the
Symbios/NCR driver and you should answer N (the new one does not work for


> People who want to try this too, can find all the Web links they need at :

Thanks for putting this up.


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