First attempt for LinuxPPC on a MVME2400

Simone Piccardi Simone.Piccardi at
Sat Apr 17 05:00:24 EST 1999

Hi David, 
thanks for the advice, I'll keep in my mind.
I tried the test that you suggested in the previuos mail, but I got no
answer from the board. In any case I still have to set up a root tree,
so the nfs cannot work in any case. We have also to buy a disk for the
board, but this will be a further step.
It seems that the crash is a problem of the Hawk chip, from PPCBug the
board is capable to ping, and also to connect to the tftp daemon and
load the kernel image.
Now I'm triyng to set up the cross-copiler using the procedure given by
Matt Porter in his web page, but the CVS repository changed location,
and the downloading procedure; for people tha can need this information
the new site is 
I just finished the download. I'll try some compilation, I'm quite far
from getting the board working, but at least I'm on my way.
Thanks again
Simone Piccardi
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