LinuxPPC: Which kernel source for MPC860 ?

Brendan Simon brendan at
Thu Apr 15 21:07:34 EST 1999

Hi PPC peoples,
I wish to compile linux for an board MPC860.

I wish to cross compile from an Intel box (I assume this is fine).  I
plan on using egcs-1.1.2 but I remember seeing something about using
gcc- in preference to anything else.  I'm not sure if this is
still valid.  Can anyone advise as to which version is the most suitable

Which version of the kernel source is the most stable for my purposes ?
I don't want any bleeding edge stuff with lots of "undocumented
features" .  ie. yet to be discovered bugs.

I assume I need a C library.  Which C library is the best for my
purposes ?  Lib5 or Lib6 ?  Do I need both ?
Where is the best place to get these sources (kernel and libc).

Do the kernel source or libc sources need to be modified or patched for
them to work on PPC (MPC860) ?
If so where are the patches kept.

What other packages will I need to compile and where can I get them ?
Is it possible to use prebuilt binaries for the Macintosh on the MPC860
board ? (eg. from a RedHat or Debian distribution).

Thanks heaps for any advice,
Brendan Simon.

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