[Patch] linuxppc gnuplot segfaults in save

Martin Costabel costabel at wanadoo.fr
Thu Apr 15 08:27:54 EST 1999


I think I sent this already to the LinuxPPC developers some time ago,
but I had a look into the latest gnuplot-3.7-2.ppc.rpm, and the bug is
still there:

gnuplot-3.7 on LinuxPPC gives a segmentation fault when the command
'save' or 'save set' is used.

Repeat by: 

        G N U P L O T
        Linux version 3.7
        patchlevel 0
        last modified Thu Jan 14 19:34:53 BST 1999

Terminal type set to 'x11'
gnuplot> save 'foo.gnu'
Segmentation fault

See below. One just has to split an fprintf command into two.
It seems that the fprintf in the LinuxPPC libraries does not support
such long format strings. In gnuplot-3.6, at the corresponding place
there were 10 fprintf commands, one for each line.

In principle, it would be nice if this were included in the gnuplot
sources, but since it seems to be a ppc specific problem, it would be
sufficient to include the patch in the gnuplot-3.7-x.src.rpm for
LinuxPPC (Tom?). 

Or could someone find out what's wrong with the fprintf function in
LinuPPC? Note that this is not specific for one version of glibc. I
tried it on several from glibc-961212 to glibc-2.1.1-3a. Same result.

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--- misc.c.ori	Thu Dec 10 19:33:22 1998
+++ misc.c	Sun Feb  7 00:16:08 1999
@@ -645,17 +645,18 @@
 set pointsize %g\n\
 set encoding %s\n\
 set %spolar\n\
-set %sparametric\n\
+set %sparametric\n",
+	    loff, roff, toff, boff,
+	    pointsize,
+	    encoding_names[encoding],
+	    (polar) ? "" : "no",
+	    (parametric) ? "" : "no");
+    fprintf(fp, "\
 set view %g, %g, %g, %g\n\
 set samples %d, %d\n\
 set isosamples %d, %d\n\
 set %ssurface\n\
 set %scontour",
-	    loff, roff, toff, boff,
-	    pointsize,
-	    encoding_names[encoding],
-	    (polar) ? "" : "no",
-	    (parametric) ? "" : "no",
 	    surface_rot_x, surface_rot_z, surface_scale, surface_zscale,
 	    samples_1, samples_2,
 	    iso_samples_1, iso_samples_2,

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