quik vs. bootx

Dave Weis djweis at plconline.com
Wed Apr 14 06:57:32 EST 1999

> BootX is not meant to _replace_ quik. Since OF is not working well enough
> on a lot of Macs, BootX may be your only choice, but if quik works for
> you and you like it, then use it, it's hopefully still working. OF
> booting is better from a "theorical" point of view ;-)

I installed the most current version of linuxppc a few weeks ago on a
7300/200. BootX 1.0b6 would just freeze with macos on the screen when I
would try to boot from a scsi device. I did install quik during the
install. it does work if i have the floppy in and pass root= and noinitrd.


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