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Shuangjun Zhu r44089 at
Tue Apr 13 16:56:20 EST 1999

Hello, everyone
  I'm building a kernel for Motorola's FADS860 board.
My code base is embedded-2_2p7.tar.gz. When I debug the code,
I find some problems.
In arch/ppc/boot/head.S, line 144, author using following code
to clear the BSS segment:
/* Clear all of BSS */
lis r3,edata at h
ori r3,r3,edata at l
lis r4,end at h
ori r4,r4,end at l
subi r3,r3,4
subi r4,r4,4
li r0,0
50: stwu r0,4(r3)
cmp 0,r3,r4
bne 50b
But in my binary code of zImage, the kernel image is between "edata" and
following is symbols list:
0010420c A _etext       = 0x104648
00105320 A _edata       = 0x105320
00106008 B zimage_start = 0x106000
0010600c B orig_y
00106010 B zimage_size
00106014 B cols
00106018 B end_avail
0010601c B lines
00111bc0 A _end         = 0x111bc0
So, I have two questions:
1. the address of kerenl image is same as some variables, such as
   orig_y, cols and so on.
2. clear the BSS segment, crash the kernel image befrom decompressing it.

Does anyone know why?
Any suggestion is appreciated !
Thanks in advanced!

Best Regards,
Zhu Shuangjun

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