Crashing My PowerbookG3-Series when writing to the serial port

Alexander Derbes acd at
Tue Apr 13 04:41:31 EST 1999

I think I have found a bug, However, I am not sure how to go about
isolating it.  

I have written a little piece of C code which opens the serial port,
configures it to 8bits No Parity and 2 Stop bits at 9600 Baud, and then
write a few bytes and closes the serial port.  The code is being used to
send packets to an external device.

The code will sometimes hang the powerbook.  It seems that hangs occur
only directly after I have started apache.  The serial program is called
as a CGI by apache so that packets can be written to the device via the

Because the machine is totally hung when the problem shows up I do not
know how to go about debugging it.  Any ideas?


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