Lock-up while building mod_perl

Kevin B. Hendricks kbhend at business.wm.edu
Sun Apr 11 06:19:08 EST 1999


I backported linuxthreads-0.7 (part of glibc) to glibc 1.99 and submitted a
patch to Gary for inclusion into glibc 1.99 which he did in the form of
version 1p.  Unfortunately, linuxthreads-0.7 has some problems with the
sparse array structures used to store thread-specific data (I found this
when testing with JDK 1.2 native threads).  I have a fix, but I want to do
some more testing before releasing it.  The best solution right now for
programs that work with linuxthreads (native threads) like the JDK, MySQL
and probably mod-perl is to drop back to glibc (1o) with liuxthreds 0.5 for
now.  I will try and track down and fix all of the problems with
linuxthreads 0.7 and ppc and get a new threads update patch ready for glibc
1q or later.

Sorry about that, the fault was mine.


At 2:53 PM +0000 4/10/99, LinuxPPC-Dev at associate.com wrote:
>Yesterday while trying to build/compile the mod_perl RPM from
>I experienced a total lock-up/freeze/crash.  It's been a LONG while
>since anything like that happened, so I thought I'd pass the new on here.
>I have a suspicion that this may be connected to the glibc-p release,
>which I recently upgraded to - this glibc also caused MySQL to stop working,
>even when compiled against the new glibc.
>Has anyone else seen this kind of problem (compiling mod_perl)?
>I'm running on a 7200/90 updated with all the latest R4 stuff.
>glen_stewart at associate.com

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