Blue G3 and machine check

Ryuichi Oikawa roikawa at
Sat Apr 10 02:12:37 EST 1999

From: Joel Klecker <jk at>
Subject: Re: Blue G3 and machine check
> >> 
> >>2.1-challenger2.gz
> >>I was given many useful advice on this by Benjamin Herrenschmidt.
> >
> >Any chance you could put up a proper diff for the sources used to build that
> >kernel? I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.
> Since I received absolutely no response to this, let me elaborate. I 
> have had success in booting and running a system with this kernel, 
> but its config does not suit my needs, therefore I really would like 
> to have the source. The pseudo-diffs in the message I originally 
> replied to do not seem to be enough to produce a working kernel, are 
> they really all of the changes?
 Yes, that was all.

> If they are, then I would like a copy 
> of the .config so I can see what the differences in configuration 
> are. Thanks again.
I thought it was almost default...  Then I'll make complete
diff to 2.2.1 kernel from samba and put it later on 
But please note that
 - it is minimal workaround and should not be used for long time
 - ultraATA chip(CMD646) driver has not been ported yet, so that
   if you need it, you have to rewrite yourself. But usual ATA bus,
   which CDROM is connected, does work.
 - it is a diff to kernel 2.2.1, not to latest one


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