Blue G3 and machine check

Joel Klecker jk at
Fri Apr 9 15:58:36 EST 1999

At 17:17 -0800 1999-04-03, Joel Klecker wrote:
>At 01:20 +0900 1999-04-01, Ryuichi Oikawa wrote:
>>I put precompiled kernel(2.2.1) on
>>I was given many useful advice on this by Benjamin Herrenschmidt.
>Any chance you could put up a proper diff for the sources used to build that
>kernel? I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.

Since I received absolutely no response to this, let me elaborate. I 
have had success in booting and running a system with this kernel, 
but its config does not suit my needs, therefore I really would like 
to have the source. The pseudo-diffs in the message I originally 
replied to do not seem to be enough to produce a working kernel, are 
they really all of the changes? If they are, then I would like a copy 
of the .config so I can see what the differences in configuration 
are. Thanks again.
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