Resurrecting mkLinux

a sun asun at
Thu Apr 8 03:27:40 EST 1999

   My top priority is to get away from having an Amiga directory under
   arch/ppc (or arch/ppc/mach_m68k). I would prefer to move all mach
   drivers into a new mach hierarchy (so there would be e.g. mach/amiga
   in the root of the kernel sources just as we now have arch/m68k).

yep. actually, we probably should call it "machine" as that has less
of a chance of getting confused with the mach microkernel given that
arch/mach has the possibility to show up in 2.3.x as well.

   Also, the files that do not look like that are so because Jes (m68k
   maintainer) didn't like '#ifdef __powerpc__' or CONFIG_APUS in
   arch/m68k specific files... Which I agree with (kind of). With the
   mach hierarchy, though, both arguments becomes moot and I'll fix up
   the sources to my liking ;)

heh. luckily, most of the nubus stuff can be done by adding more
gestalt values. hmm, i do have wonderful things like #ifdef
__powerpc__ in the via_write/via_read code to do deal with memory
barriers and such.


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