Resurrecting mkLinux

Geert Uytterhoeven Geert.Uytterhoeven at
Thu Apr 8 01:25:23 EST 1999

On Wed, 7 Apr 1999, Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 7, 1999, Jesper Skov <jskov at> wrote:
> >My top priority is to get away from having an Amiga directory under
> >arch/ppc (or arch/ppc/mach_m68k). I would prefer to move all mach
> >drivers into a new mach hierarchy (so there would be e.g. mach/amiga
> >in the root of the kernel sources just as we now have arch/m68k).

Hence we need

    mach/amiga (m68k and PPC)
    mach/mac (m68k and PPC)
    mach/sun (SPARC and SPARC64)
    mach/pc (all legacy stuff)

> >The main motivation is obviously to avoid maintaining two different
> >sets of sources that do the same thing. Most of the ppc/amiga sources
> >are just 
> Sounds good. The changes I'm making to the ADB code shoud fit nicely in
> this too. I beleive I could merge ADB of mac 68k and PPC implementations
> quite easily.
> Question: Who is using drivers/char/adbmouse.c ? I know linux-pmac does,
> of course, but could someone tell me what are the other archs/machines
> using this specific file. I would like to make changes to it (I tried to
> avoid them as much as possible until now) so I'll need to fix other archs too.

PowerMac, CHRP and Mac.

> Basically, adb.c core should be shared by all implentations, mac_keyb.c
> and it's specific mouse handlers too since those devices can be
> potentially plugged in any ADB machine (but defaults keymaps will
> probably be different). adbmouse as a bus-mouse compatibility driver
> should not depend on any implementation neither, I still need to cleanup
> things in this regard, but we won't get rid of the global-based "hook" if
> we want it to still be a module. I will probably put the definition of
> the global itself in adb.c core, eventually encapsulated within a structure.

Hence we need


Lot's of clean ups for 2.3.x ;-)



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