Uhh...Where Is The Source?

L. S. lxcom at operamail.com
Thu Apr 8 03:01:49 EST 1999

I can't find any source code for the LinuxPPC applications. I've been going 
around in circles trying to find ".c" files for fetchmail, sendmail, vim, etc. 
Every directory in /src, /etc, and such seems to have an "SRPMS" or "RPMS" 
directory in it which, themselves have "SRPMS" and "RPMS" directories...which 
makes me confused.
For comparison, I checked around on the internet for other Linux packages and 
found the source files as ".tar.gz" files. I also did see some kernel code on 
my machine, but not all of the other code.

What's with all the same-name directories in different locations? Where 
exactly is the source? Is this a Red Hat thing?

I feel like I'm lost in a large amusement park and going around in circles.

Yes, I'm pretty new here.

L. S.

:-| :-) ;-) :-)

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