Keyboard and keymaps

Benjamin Herrenschmidt bh40 at
Wed Apr 7 23:46:57 EST 1999

While I'm working on ADB, I would like to also fix the problem of
linux-pmac lacking international keymaps for all Apple keyboards.

Basically, I plan to build some kind of conversion tool that takes Apple
KCHRs and build the appropriate linux keymaps.

Could someone point me to the appropriate documentation or how-to's about
linux keybaord handling, I must admit I'm a little bit lost. If I
undestand things correctly, keymaps are somewhat "compiled" and then
copied inside the kernel by the userland tools from the kbd package. Is
there some specific documentation about this or should I just spend more
time reading the source ? Are the tables in mac_keyb.c the ones that are
replaced by userland, or is there a 2-tables indirection ?

How does linux handle dead keys and things like that ?

And finally, I think there's a different mecanism for X. I would
appreciate if someone could point me to the correct documentations for
all this or give me a quick explanation on the "big picture", I can then
figure out the details from the source.

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