[LinuxPPC] Gary Thomas' libc sources

Gary Thomas gdt at linuxppc.org
Wed Apr 7 17:17:44 EST 1999

On 07-Apr-99 Trevor Woerner wrote:
> dear friends,
> i was looking into compiling glibc for myself so i downloaded
> Gary Thomas' sources from ftp.linuxppc.com under the subdir
> /linuxppc/users/gdt/redhat/SRPMS/. i downloaded glibc-961212-1o.src.rpm.
> once on my system i did a:
>   root# rpm -i <...glibc-961212...>
> and in my /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES directory (or something like that)
> i ended up with a whole pile of stuff that i'm not sure what to
> do with. i would appreciate some guidance.
> i ended up with the following:
>    axp-extras-960810.tar.gz
>    libc-961117-ldd.patch
>    libc-961212-ewt.tar.gz
>    libc-fsstnd-4.diff.gz
>    libc-rev1i.patch
>    libc-rev1j.patch
>    libc-rev1k.patch
>    libc-rev1l.patch
>    libc-rev1m.patch
>    libc.works-ppc.patch
>    libc.zic.synlink.hack.diff.gz
>    nsswitch.conf
> what the heck are all of these :-? so i unzipped and untarred the 
> libc-961212-ewt.tar.gz (since it seemed, out of this bunch to be
> the most obvious, even though i'm not sure what an "ewt" is...)
> and it created a libc.works directory (or something like that) which
> had thousands of files: 90% of which were zero-length!
> could someone tell me what's going on? what do i need to compile libc?
> have the patches already been applied (if not now would i do that)?
> what is the "conf" file for? or the "symlink.hack" for? etc... etc...
> etc...

To build an RPM from the SRPM file:

  # cd /usr/src/redhat/SPECS
  # rpm -i <SRPM-file>
  # rpm -ba <SPEC-file>    // You need to figure out this file name
                           // there is no standard and it will appear
                           // in this directory after the previous step.

That's it.  The last step (-ba) takes care of all of the unpacking, patching,
building, installing, ...

If you want to install this [potentially new] package "live" on your
system, just use the normal install runes:

  # rpm -ivUh ../RPMS/ppc/<RPM-file>  // Created by the -ba step

BTW - I've just uploaded version "1p" of the GLIBC package.  You should
work from that.

For more details, look at my tutorial:


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