[LinuxPPC] Gary Thomas' libc sources

Trevor Woerner twoerner at ica.net
Wed Apr 7 12:39:22 EST 1999

dear friends,

i was looking into compiling glibc for myself so i downloaded
Gary Thomas' sources from ftp.linuxppc.com under the subdir
/linuxppc/users/gdt/redhat/SRPMS/. i downloaded glibc-961212-1o.src.rpm.

once on my system i did a:
  root# rpm -i <...glibc-961212...>

and in my /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES directory (or something like that)
i ended up with a whole pile of stuff that i'm not sure what to
do with. i would appreciate some guidance.

i ended up with the following:

what the heck are all of these :-? so i unzipped and untarred the 
libc-961212-ewt.tar.gz (since it seemed, out of this bunch to be
the most obvious, even though i'm not sure what an "ewt" is...)
and it created a libc.works directory (or something like that) which
had thousands of files: 90% of which were zero-length!

could someone tell me what's going on? what do i need to compile libc?
have the patches already been applied (if not now would i do that)?
what is the "conf" file for? or the "symlink.hack" for? etc... etc...

thank you and best regards,
   trevor woerner


     Trust the computer industry to shorten "Year 2000"
     to "Y2K". It was this kind of thinking that caused
     the problem in the first place.
                                    -- Tony Poldrugovac

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