MVME2306 problems dragging on

VALETTE Eric valette at
Sat Apr 3 00:12:42 EST 1999

>>>>> "David" == David De Ridder <s970707 at> writes:

David> Hello everyone,

David> I'm still trying to get our board to run LinuxPPC. So far, I've come to
David> booting the Linux kernel. This kernel can also mount its NFS fs.

David> There seems to be a problem with the serial line settings. After the
David> kernel says : ``Freeing unused memory : [...] open firmware'', the
David> serial console gets flooded with two kinds of similar messages :

David> ``request_irq(): irq 4 handler c008dae8 name serial dev_id 0000`` and
David> ``request_irq(): irq 4 handler c0000000 name <NULL> dev_id 0000``.

David> BTW, I'm using a /dev/console with major 5 minor 1. Inbetween those
David> messages, I see some errors that seem to come from init. I have no update
David> daemon, and bash cannot be loaded because it cannot find its libtermcap.
David> When I manually make a link to libtermcap, there are no more errors,
David> but also no more screen output at all.
David> Does anyone know how to get it correctly running ?

Fisrt I assumes that you are using a serial console to boot? If yes then
change the /etc/inittab file to

1:2345:respawn:/sbin/getty 38400 tty1 => 1:23:respawn:/sbin/getty -L ttyS0 9600 linux

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