Time on the MVME2700

Corey Minyard minyard at acm.org
Wed Dec 9 14:50:44 EST 1998

I have Linux 2.1.127 running on a Motorola MVME2700 (750 processor).
It's working fine except for timekeeping.  It gains about 1.5 seconds
every 30 minutes, making time synchronization rather difficult.  It is
calculating the decrementer frequency value as around 998,736,000 (I
removed the hard coding of 998,700,000 that was in there to see what
happened.  The difference between the two is not significant).
However, by my calculations the frequency should be about
1,000,000,000.  This is all in arch/ppc/kernel/time.c.

I'm going to hard-code it to that value to see what happens, but has
anyone else seen this?  Unfortunately, I don't remember the processor
frequency offhand and I'm at home now.

Corey Minyard               Internet:  minyard at acm.org
  Work: minyard at nortel.ca       UUCP:  minyard at wf-rch.cirr.com

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