An issue with erofsfuse

Gao Xiang xiang at
Fri Aug 20 22:48:37 AEST 2021

Hi Igor,

On Fri, Aug 20, 2021 at 03:34:05PM +0300, Igor Eisberg wrote:
> Hey there, getting straight to the point.
> Our team is using Debian 10, in which erofs mounting is not supported and
> we have no option of updating the kernel, nor do we have sudo permissions
> on this server.
> Our only choice is to use erofsfuse to mount an Android image (compression
> was used on that image), for the sole purpose of extracting its contents to
> another folder for processing.
> Tried on Debian 10, pop_OS! and even the latest Kubuntu (where native
> mounting is supported), but on all of them I could not copy files which are
> compressed from the mounted image to another location (ext4 file system).
> The error I'm getting is: "Operation not supported (95)"

Thanks for your feedback.

Could you check if lz4 was built-in when building erofsfuse? I guess
that is the reason (lack of lz4 support builtin).

If not, could you add -d to erofsfuse when starting up?

Gao Xiang

> Notes:
> * Only extremely small (< 1 KB) files which are stored uncompressed are
> copied successfully.
> * Copying works perfectly when mounting the image with "sudo mount" on the
> latest Kubuntu, so it has to be something with erofsfuse.
> Anything you can do to help resolve this?
> Best,
> Igor.

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