An issue with erofsfuse

Igor Eisberg igoreisberg at
Fri Aug 20 22:34:05 AEST 2021

Hey there, getting straight to the point.
Our team is using Debian 10, in which erofs mounting is not supported and
we have no option of updating the kernel, nor do we have sudo permissions
on this server.

Our only choice is to use erofsfuse to mount an Android image (compression
was used on that image), for the sole purpose of extracting its contents to
another folder for processing.
Tried on Debian 10, pop_OS! and even the latest Kubuntu (where native
mounting is supported), but on all of them I could not copy files which are
compressed from the mounted image to another location (ext4 file system).

The error I'm getting is: "Operation not supported (95)"

* Only extremely small (< 1 KB) files which are stored uncompressed are
copied successfully.
* Copying works perfectly when mounting the image with "sudo mount" on the
latest Kubuntu, so it has to be something with erofsfuse.

Anything you can do to help resolve this?

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