[PATCH v2 2/3] dt-bindings: serial: 8250: Add documentation for espi-enabled.

Jeremy Kerr jk at ozlabs.org
Thu Sep 5 11:16:53 AEST 2019

Hi Oskar,

> Given it's ASPEED-specific I expect you should use a vendor prefix for the
> property, e.g. aspeed,espi-enabled.
> However, as I understand it you want to determine what polarity the SIRQ
> should be regardless of which of eSPI or LPC are enabled, so I don't think
> the property name should be an explicit statement about eSPI. Maybe
> "aspeed,sirq-polarity-sense"?

Yep, +1 on Andrew's comments here. This property isn't an indication on
whether espi is enabled, but a method to detect it.



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