Ccontrol gui

jelmer at jelmer at
Sat Feb 11 18:24:05 EST 2006

Hi Rusty,

> 	Your hackfest entry for the ccontrol gui was great!  I'm
> including it in 0.9, slightly modified (attached).  Is there any chance
> that you could hack up an editing gui which pops up when you right-click
> on the icon?  Neither my python nor my gtk is good enough to write such
> a thing, but I could probably hack on one you've started...

Glad you like it ! It's amazing how much you can get done in half an hour
when you're under pressure...

I'll have a look at ccontrol itself and getting started on the GUI. I'm
currently travelling through New-Zealand, so I won't be able to send you
an updated version until around 20 February.



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