[c-lightning] [Announce] CLBOSS 0.12 Not Completely Useless

ZmnSCPxj ZmnSCPxj at protonmail.com
Sat Apr 30 16:50:45 AEST 2022

Oh no, a new version of some completely useless piece of software!

* Version compatibility: C-Lightning 0.9.1 to 0.11
  * Most extensively tested with 0.10.2, so older versions might have subtle compatibility bugs.
  * On Core Lightning 0.11, you **must** set `--allow-deprecated-apis` to `true`.  This is the default behavior of Core Lightning 0.11.
  * Core Lightning 0.11 supports multiple channels per peer, but this has not been tested at all with CLBOSS.  CLBOSS should still adapt to multiple channels in general but this is untested.


* Use `dig -v` to check for `dig` installation, to prevent failing to detect if the testing environment has no network.
* Avoid making channels to multiple nodes in the same IP bin, to make it harder to eclipse our node.
* We now try to keep down our expenditures when rebalancing: rebalancing less often, and reducing the budget for rebalance attempts.
* You can now use the `clboss-unmanage` command to suppress management of some aspect of channels with particular peers.
* EXPERIMENTAL: CLBOSS now has the ability to monitor peers and planning to close them.  CLBOSS will now monitor peers, but if you want CLBOSS to actually close "bad" peers, enable with `--clboss-auto-close=true`.  You can also use the new `clboss-unmanage` to prevent closure of channels to particular nodes.
* We are now a little more willing to leave funds onchain if the funds are small relative to the total funds (onchain and offchain) of the node.
* Reduce the probe lengths of `ActiveProber`.
* Change our threshold for "low fees" a little lower.  Previously it was 25 +/- 5 percentile of the last two weeks, now it is 20 +/- 3 percentile of the last two weeks.
* You can now support or oppose `#zerobasefee` with the new `--clboss-zerobasefee=<require|allow|disallow>` option.
* You can now adjust the minimum and maximum channel size with `--clboss-min-channel=<sats>` and `--clboss-max-channel=<sats>`.
* `ChannelFinderByPopularity` is made a little more aggressive when CLBOSS is first used (on a node that already was manually-managed before) or when the node is suddenly given a large amount of funds.
* We now also check dowsed amounts during investigation.

Get it!

* [Release 0.12 Not Completely Useless](https://github.com/ZmnSCPxj/clboss/releases/tag/0.12)
* [clboss-0.12.tar.gz](https://github.com/ZmnSCPxj/clboss/releases/download/0.12/clboss-0.12.tar.gz)

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