[c-lightning] [RELEASE] core-lightning v0.11.0: Simon's Carefully Chosen Release Name

Rusty Russell rusty at rustcorp.com.au
Wed Apr 27 07:59:03 AEST 2022

We're pleased to announce the 0.11.0 release of c-lightning, named on
behalf of @SimonVrouwe.

This release is the first under the rebranded "Core Lightning" name.

(Note: binaries are labelled v0.11.0.1 due to a minor bugfix required
for reproducible builds).

Highlights for Users

* We now finally support multiple live channels to the same peer!
* If we detect rust support, we'll build the cln-grpc plugin for full
  native GRPC support.
* We advertize an external IP address if it's reported by two or more
  peers (disable-ip-discovery or always-use-proxy disables).
* You can specify two databases with --wallet, and we'll write to both
  at once (sqlite3 only).
* pay supports BOLT 11 payment metadata: we'll send it if it's in the invoice.
* New setchannel command (deprecates setchannelfee) allows setting max
  and min HTLC amounts. Try lightning-cli setchannel all 0 for #zerobasefee.
* pay can be forced to exclude channels or nodes with the exclude
* Significant speedup in start times for old nodes with many historical HTLCs.

Highlights for the Network

* We send the remote node's IP address in the init message, so they can
  tell  what it is. (lightning/bolts#917)
* We are more aggressive in sending our own gossip to peers, to help propagation.
* Default port is set by network, so regtest and testnet defaults are
  different. (lightning/bolts#968)
* We never generate legacy onions, it's always TLV.
  We still forward legacy onions for now.
* We flush sockets before closing, so errors are more likely to reach the peer.
* Experimental support for announcing DNS addresses in node_announcement

Highlights for Developers

* pay has a maxfee parameter, which sets a simple LND-style upper fee
  (vs using maxfeepercent and exemptfee)
* You can create invoices with only a description hash, using
  deschashonly.   We still store the full description, so use restraint!
* pay has deprecated paying solely by description hash: you should
  provide the full description, too.
* delinvoice has a new desconly parameter to simply trim the
  descriptions, but leave the rest intact.
* We have a rust crate cln-rpc to easily interact with our JSON-RPC.
* msggen tool allows easy generation of language bindings for our JSON
  RPC interface.

More details can be found in the CHANGELOG.md.

Thanks to everyone for their contributions and bug reports; please keep
them coming.

Since 0.10.2, we've had 712 commits from 37 different authors over 170 days.

A special thanks goes to the 18 first time contributors (a new record!):

    Aaron Dewes
    Tim W
    Gregory Sanders
    zero fee routing
    Stephen Webel
    Michael Dance
    Jules Comte
    Denis Ahrens
    Clay Shoaf
    Anand Suresh

Christian, Rusty, Lisa.

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