[c-lightning] g-lightning release candidate for 0.8.1

lisa neigut niftynei at gmail.com
Wed Mar 11 09:01:45 AEDT 2020

Hear ye, hear ye....

This message is to notify you that a release candidate for glightning has
just been tagged, marking it as compatible with the most recent 0.8.1
release c-lightning.

Any help testing would be much appreciated.

Provided there's no show-stoppers, a final release should be out this week.

The release tag is here:

The CHANGELOG has a fairly comprehensive overview of the changes

## what is glightning
If you're not familiar with glightning, it's a Go framework for clightning.
It encompasses a plugin framework, for writing c-lightning plugins in Go,
and a fully featured RPC client.

glightning has *also* grown to include a very limited bitcoind RPC client,
as interacting with bitcoind is necessary for even more complete interop

## a note on backwards compatibility
Note that glightning's backward compatibility strategy hasn't been
formalized quite. Which is to say that while it's 'guaranteed' to work with
the version of clightning that it's tagged for, it will probably break with
older versions of clightning.

This is a problem especially for plugin writers using glightning (or any
framework, really) since you want your plugin to be compatible for as wide
a range of installed nodes as possible. I'm not sure what policy pyln, the
python plugin framework has regarding backwards compatibility, but it's a
good deal easier given the looser type restrictions.

Dealing with compatibility is my goal for the next glightning release, and
would happy to accept help in fixing it up.

Onward, 0.8.2!


[1] 'Interop' here standing for 'interoperability', where we actually test
the framework against a real live clightning node to make sure that all the
marshaling/unmarshaling/event hooks etc work as intended)
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