[c-lightning] Add a field in utxoset table to mark the tx when gossip_get_txout was called.

Yaacov Akiba Slama yaslama at breez.technology
Thu Mar 5 20:17:26 AEDT 2020


Right now, there is no way to discriminate channel transactions from other transactions in the the utxoset table. Do you think it's a good idea to "mark" transactions when the gossip_get_txout is sent by gossipd?
This information can be used for instance to send gossip_outpoint_spent to gossipd only for transactions that gossipd asked the txout before. This will reduce a lot the number of gossip_outpoint_spent sent.
Another use case would be to obtain the list of closed channel very easily from the db without using the gossip_store.
What do you think?

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