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Mon May 7 09:22:15 AEST 2018

Good morning Roei,

There are currently no plans that I know of to remove our dependence on daemons.

In C, straightforward linear code needs to be either in a thread or subprocess.  Otherwise we would need to write in callback form, which is not easy in C due to lack of lambda.

For instance, `openingd`, `closingd`, and `onchaind` are very straightforward: they just encode the sequence described in the BOLT spec.

It would be possible to transform them to threads, but processes are generally better since there is at least memory space isolation, and the subdaemons have very little data compared to the master `lightningd`, making it harder to breach sensitive information in case we have a bug.  For instance, all secrets should be in `hsmd` and `lightningd` only (not quite true now, we pass a few secrets to the channel-level subdaemons, haha), both of which do not connect to the network (indeed ideally we should have all secrets in `hsmd` only, but currently `lightningd` knows the secret of each channel).

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