[c-lightning] Development priorities for 0.6?

ZmnSCPxj ZmnSCPxj at protonmail.com
Tue May 1 12:52:13 AEST 2018

Good morning Jan,

>> Good morning Jan,
>> #1394 API change: `close` command accept channel ID
>> was added to the 0.6 target, and will require a change in `close` documentation.
> Sure. Thanks for info. I'm keeping an eye and have read what's there so far. Here's how I understand it:
> A parameter is being added to 'close' command, which until now cared only about the peer, but after the change there can be multiple channels to one peer (with different globally unique IDs so that once we have channelID, the peerID is not needed). So after the change it will be something like
> close [ <peer_id> | <channel_id> ]

Mostly accurate, however, we do not *yet* have multiple channels. We *might* have multiple channels in the future, so in preparation we will move to using channel ID so that in the future, *if* we support multiple channels, we will not need to change the close API.

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