[c-lightning] Blockchain backends other than bitcoind

Igor Cota igor at codexapertus.com
Tue May 1 09:58:52 AEST 2018

Morning list,

In order to better understand BIP-157/158 I'm running roasbeef's reference
btcd node against libbtc - which I've modified to ask for compact
filters via new P2P messages from those BIPs. This is all very preliminary
but it got me wondering what would be the right way for c-lightning to
support a different blockchain backend, specifically one with a light
client approach, while still retaining support for bitcoind RPC of course.

There are not too many calls in bitcoind.h so those probably wouldn't be
too hard to abstract away? What about chaintopology, can it do light client

I am looking to have a neat c-lightning + neutrino package for mobile
nodes. Any pointers would be great!

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