[c-lightning] Development priorities for 0.6?

Rusty Russell rusty at rustcorp.com.au
Mon Feb 26 14:29:34 AEDT 2018

Hi all!

        We've been far too long between releases: I am going to stop
doing enhancements and new features and concentrate on the issue backlog
with the aim to getting a 0.6.0 release out as soon as possible.  First
step is to tag everything appropriately.

        I think we'll go for a -pre1... -preN, then -rc1 .. rcN.  We'll
remove currently deprecated options just before -pre1 (the normal
practice will be to remove just after release, but IMHO it's too early
to carry baggage for long).

        After 0.6, we would start to care more about backwards
compatibility (eg. testing database upgrades!), and hopefully have fewer
times when we tell people SFYL.

        My priorities for 0.7 will be testing, testing, testing.  We'll
also want to add support for new feature bits, but our technical debt on
protocol-level testing has grown large, and some independent test suites
will be a great addition for all implementations.  We may release a
0.6.1 etc, but I'm not sure if we'd branch for that, or just roll


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