Not able to install yaboot into debian live image

Thomas Huth thuth at
Fri Feb 22 19:37:35 EST 2013

Am Thu, 21 Feb 2013 20:39:15 -0300
schrieb Matias Kreder <mkreder at>:

> I found what might be wrong. I was able to create another iso file
> using this command:
> genisoimage -joliet-long -jigdo-template-compress bzip2 -r -V 'Debian
> 6.0.6 ppc 1' -o build.iso --iso-level 4 --netatalk -hfs -probe -map
> binary/yaboot/ -hfs-parms MAX_XTCSIZE=2656248 --chrp-boot -part
> -no-desktop --hfs-bless binary/yaboot -hfs-volid debian  binary/
> I'm able to start yaboot but I need to execute "boot
> cdrom:/yaboot/yaboot" in order to load it. How can I make this start
> automatically?


Do you have a /boot/bootinfo.txt in your CD image? That's mandated
by the CHRP or PAPR standard for bootable CDs if I remember clearly
and SLOF needs this for bootable CDs.


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