Enable multiple OSX boot option and intellegent labels?

Jim Harris jimrh at charter.net
Sat Feb 4 01:25:19 EST 2012



The current yaboot will do that on its own.  It has no problem booting Linux, OSX,  OS9 and the CD-ROM.  The issue is when you try to boot more than one instance of the *SAME* OS, such as Linux, OSX #1, and OSX #2.  (or OS9 #1 and OS9 #2, or Linux #1 and Linux #2, etc.)


BTW, I tried mounting the boot partition and editing that file by hand as you suggested, (within Ubuntu),  and all it accomplished was de-blessing the boot partition!  Seriously now, there has to be a better way to do this than mucking around in the boot code. . . .  That’s about as awful a hack as hand-editing the MS-DOS partition table on a PC’s hard drive.  (And yes, I have done that, and yes, it is an awful hack.)  Especially as anytime there’s an update to yaboot, your carefully crafted script goes down the toilet, so you have to go and re-hack it again.  (and somehow re-bless that darn partition/file/etc.)  Oh, and another thing.  How did you keep your edit of that file from de-blessing *your* boot partition?


My current game plan is to get rid of the xbuntu install, (it was too limiting), install a full-up Ubuntu and get that working, download and compile the current version of Yaboot and see if THAT works. . . .  And if I can get all of that done, I plan to do some serious digging into the ybin source code.


Jim (JR)

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