booting RHEL6

Tony Breeds tony at
Fri Jul 22 11:01:33 EST 2011

On Thu, Jul 21, 2011 at 06:34:49AM -0700, Tai Pan wrote:
> Hello Tony,
> Indeed i didn't know that RHEL6 no longer supports POWER5. I guess that
> explains the second problem. I'll get a POWER6 machine and try it again.

More or less.
> But for the first problem, i'm pretty sure i'll be able to reproduce it
> again, even on POWER6, as it doesn't really have anything to do with the
> arch. LOAD_BUFFER_SIZE is just not large enough. I didn't use the RHEL
> yaboot, i simply compiled it from the tar.gz on the yaboot page. Although
> RHEL6 uses an older yaboot, 1.3.14, in which LOAD_BUFFER_SIZE is even lower,
> if i remember correctly.

Yes you'll need to up the LOAD_BUFFER_SIZE to cover ~32MB (note without getting
tricky 32MB is the max you can set it to).
> I'll retry it on POWER6 with the default value and debugging as soon as i
> can.

You shoudl for the sake of simplicity also ensure your real-base is 12MB
(c00000)  Other values may work, but 12MB is the best tested value.

Yours Tony

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