OpenFirmware 3.5 and Netboot

Tony Breeds tony at
Thu Jun 17 16:10:23 EST 2010

On Mon, Jun 14, 2010 at 05:02:17PM -0300, Erlon Cruz wrote:
> Hi Paul, thats is the output from the console. In terms of traffic, the
> client request the boot file and loads it twice (I dont know why, and it
> happens sometimes when loading a kernel image too). Theres no resquest of
> any other file.
> =================================================

>     of_net_open - Opening: "/lhea at 23c00600/ethernet at 23e00f00
> :,\etc\01-00-21-5e-"


> ( 1  ) Filename.................ppc/yaboot-debug

Ahh yes, I've seen that problem before.  I know it's a horrible suggestion but
the Fedora yaboto has quiet a few (netboot related) patches that haven't made
it into my devel branch yet.  You could grab that yaboot binary (or source) and
see if you have more luck.  I'll do my best to get my devel branch pushed out

Yours Tony

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