please take a look at Debian Bug#589701: installation-reports: Install yaboot on a hard disk - Failed to install boot loader

Rogério Brito rbrito at
Wed Jul 21 01:49:55 EST 2010

Hi there, Rick.

On Jul 20 2010, Rick Thomas wrote:
> At this point, Debian squeeze is un-installable on NewWorld PowerPC
> Macs due to yaboot's failure to adapt to the use of UUID= and LABEL=
> format in /etc/fstab.

This is bad. I will try to see what I can do to test the installation on
a new ppc (the bad thing is that, as I told before, my newworld
ppc---an iBook G3---is moribund).

> I have provided a partial fix in Debian bug#580455 but I have not
> gotten any feedback from the developers.

I look into that with a little more care after I get some sleep. Perhaps
a non-maintainer upload of yaboot is in order.

  BTW, I will be in NYC for this year's DebConf (well, assuming that the
  plane doesn't crash/fall/etc :-)) and I hope to work on some of the
  issues that are annoying us. If you can attend, that would be superb
  (and, of course, getting to know more people would be really nice).


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