yaboot and bw g3 wont boot

garrisot at otc.edu garrisot at otc.edu
Sat May 6 11:34:26 EST 2006

Well I get farther using the boot hd:2,yaboot command.

I get the error IDE init failed
Can't open device </pci/@d/pci-ata at 1/ata-4 at 0/disk at 0:0>

One thing I did do during the install was that my linux distribution 
didnt have
the ide module in the kernel so I loaded it with the insmod command. This
changed my ide drive to /dev/hdc. I have recompiled the kernel on my system to
include the correct static module so this would change it to /dev/hda on boot.
I set up the yaboot.conf file to use hda and ran ybin -b /dev/hdc2 to point it
to my drive. Was this the correct thinking or did I really screw up?

Quoting "Brian D. Carlstrom" <bdc at carlstrom.com>:

> garrisot at otc.edu writes:
> > I get the folder with a question mark everytime I try to boot.
> Sounds a little like my problem with my older 2.0GHz PowerMac on 
> Fedora Core 5:
>    http://ozlabs.org/pipermail/yaboot-users/2006-April/000006.html
> I can boot from open firmware with:
>    boot hd:2,yaboot
> all my newer machines are fine.
> -bri

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