Ybin failed?

nope nope xcaliber1234 at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 24 03:38:55 EST 2006

Hello, my name is buster..
I resently came across an ibook with a broke cd-rom. As the newest OSX will 
not run on the ibook, @500mhz with 128 megs of ram.  I desided to install a 
linux distro.  After research it seemed that debian was the best option.  So 
installed, and got it working with a 2.4 kernel.  Well that wasnt good 
enough for me.  So installed the newest 2.6 kernel, rebooted and the 2.6 
kernel started and paniced with (VFS: Cannot open root device "hda4" or 
unknown-block(0,0)  Please append a correct "root=/" boot option.  after 2 
days of reading i got back into the 2.4 kernel with the Yaboot command ( 
hd:4,/vmlinux.old ).  Ok, so i try again. I install the kernel again, this 
time not forgeting to run mkofboot, and ybin.  So i reboot, and i get yet 
again (correct "root=/). AHHH!!! Aparently vmlinux.old was copied over. So 
now i have a /vmlinux and /vmlinux.old that boot into a 2.6 kernel that 
panics at the "root=/".

ive tryed  hd:4,/vmlinux root=/dev/hda4 ro
still panics.

i know for fact /dev/hda4 is correct as i looked at my fstab before i 
rebooted this time.

Is my ibook toast?  Am i missing something?  Please help!

Thank you, Buster.

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