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Sat Apr 22 00:00:09 EST 2006


It's been some time since I asked this question. But could test now only.

I have tried netbooting an OpenPower 710 in the way described below using
the yaboot at the Fedora Dev link in the same mail. I was not successfull in

Here is what happens ...

------ x ----------------- x ---------------------------- x
--------------------------- x -----------------------

boot: rhel3
Please wait, loading kernel...

BOOTP: chosen-network-type = ethernet,100,rj45,full
BOOTP: server   IP =
BOOTP: requested filename = \ppc\vmlinux
BOOTP: client   IP =
BOOTP: client   HW addr =   0 2 55 d3 df b7
BOOTP: gateway  IP =
BOOTP: device    /pci at 800000020000003/pci at 2,2/ethernet at 1
BOOTP: loc-code  U787E.001.1234567-P2-C2-T1

FILE: /ppc/vmlinux
FINAL Packet Count = 10906
FINAL File Size = 5583409 bytes.
   Elf32 kernel loaded...

  ------ x ----------------- x ---------------------------- x
--------------------------- x -----------------------

It just hangs after the "Elf32 kernel loaded ..." message. I am trying to
install OS on the system via netboot so using the "netboot.img" shipped on
the RHEL media. If I use the "netboot.img" as the "file-name" in the DHCP
Server conf file, then the system successfully boots to installation
screens. So I think the problem is with booting via yaboot only.

Does any one got a solution for this ?

- Naveen

On 11/23/05, Paul Nasrat < pnasrat at redhat.com> wrote:

> On Wed, 2005-11-23 at 19:45 +0530, Naveen wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I have seen some mail exchanges on a patch to fix the Netbooting issue
> > on IBM pSeries. Do we have a usable yaboot binary now which addresses
> > this issue ?
> You can use arch/bazaar/rsync to grab the yaboot 1.3.x branch and build,
> or if you uses Fedora Core the rawhide RPMS have the patch - you'll need
> to run addnote on the yaboot binary.
> You can also grab from here:
> http://download.fedora.redhat.com/pub/fedora/linux/core/development/ppc/ppc/chrp/yaboot
> You'll need to set dhcp with a next-server and filename directive to
> point to tftp for yaboot.  For the yaboot.conf it expects it to be
> in /etc if you are running tftpd -s /tftpboot you can just have a
> layout:
> /tftpboot/etc/yaboot.conf
> /tftpboot/yaboot
> /tftpboot/ppc/vmlinux
> /tftpboot/ppc/initrd.img
> and a yaboot.conf entry like
> image=/ppc/vmlinux
>         label=linux
>         initrd=/ppc/initrd.img
>         append="ramdisk_size=8192"
>         read-only
> Some caveats - old rs6k firmware (eg 43P) requires a static arp entry on
> the tftp server else arp timeout interrupts tftp download.  File size no
> bigger than 6M. Some old firmware may need ln -s etc/yaboot.conf etc\
> \yaboot.conf as they get path munging wrong (IIRC).
> Paul
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