[SLOF] [PATCH] virtio-net: use common receive buffer for devices

Thomas Huth thuth at redhat.com
Wed Aug 2 04:14:13 AEST 2017

On 01.08.2017 08:39, Nikunj A Dadhania wrote:
> Found that virtio-net is using a around 200K receive buffer per device, if we
> connect more than 40 virtio-net devices the heap(8MB) gets over. Because of
> which allocation starts failing and the VM does not boot.
> Use common receive buffer for all the virtio-net devices. This will reduce the
> memory requirement per virtio-net device in slof.

Not sure whether this is a really good idea... I think theoretically an
OF client could open multiple network devices and use them in parallel -
and then the devices would destroy their shared receive buffers mutually.
Maybe you could change the code so that the buffers are only allocated
when the device is opened, and released again when the device is closed


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