[SLOF] [PATCH] Replace the SLOF logo to improve its readability

Nikunj A Dadhania nikunj at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Wed Apr 26 14:53:44 AEST 2017

Thomas Huth <thuth at redhat.com> writes:

> On 25.04.2017 15:35, Alexey Kardashevskiy wrote:
>> On 25/04/17 20:21, Thomas Huth wrote:
>>> The current SLOF logo ASCII art is rather hard to read and also looks
>>> rather ugly in my opinion. Replace it with another ASCII art that is
>>> more readable.
>>> Signed-off-by: Thomas Huth <thuth at redhat.com>
>>> ---
>>>  BTW, maybe we should rather get rid of the logo completely instead?
>> I can imagine someone having an expect script which waits for this exact logo.
> That sounds sick. In that case, it's time to update their expect scripts.
>>>  Does it still make sense to waste precious boot cycles with this nowadays?
>> How much does it save?
> With VGA enabled:
> milliseconds .slof-logo milliseconds swap - .d
> ==> 660 milliseconds
> Printing the logo is just a waste of time and space on the screen. Or do
> you really like it and want to keep it?

I would vote to get rid of the ASCII art, and just print a simple string
with version info. BTW, Seabios does not have any visible print during


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